10 Ways to Elevate Your Senior Session Style + Jaeley | Puyallup High School

To accompany the ten ways to elevate your senior session style, I’m sharing a throwback session from last late summer/early fall of the lovely Jaeley! I love, love, love how her session turned out, and hello, this girl is gorgeous! What another great example of outfits that compliment the shoot location and Brittingham Photography’s style- and, can we talk about the most tasteful, yet, glorious makeup application? Thank you Jaeley for working with Brittingham Photography!

10 ways to elevate your senior session style.jpg
  1. FAKE EYELASHES: If you’ve ever worn fake eyelashes in photos, you know how much they can make your eyes stand out! When shopping for the perfect false lashes, I suggest ones that have a more natural shape so they still look authentic. Apply your eye makeup first and lashes last to avoid getting product on top of the lashes, and make sure the lash glue is clear and thin enough to hold, but not to show. Practice putting them on a few times before if necessary- they can be tricky and an odd sensation to get used to. I like the Ardell Natural Lashes in 110.

  2. HIGH HEELS, EVEN WITH A MORE CASUAL OUTFIT: High heels will always dress up an outfit and add great length to your legs. For example, a well-fitting white t-shirt, jeans and some trendy or statement heels will amp up your look. Just make sure you’re wearing them in an appropriate place, and not somewhere that will break your ankles.

  3. ADD A SCARF TO YOUR HAIR: I’m loving that scarves are coming back in! Rocking a tousled high ponytail with a solid colored shirt and a fun scarf is a great way to add some pattern and interest without having your outfit take over.

  4. GO EASY ON THE HIGHLIGHTER: Wearing too much or too extreme of a highlighter can be unflattering in photos. It’s best to find a really pretty, minimal highlighter to add a healthy glow, but not look like an oil slick. Add a blended stripe above your cheeks, the bridge and tip of your nose, and your cupid’s bow. I love this Morphe highlighter in the color “Extra”.

  5. LIPSTICK: I think the majority of the time that I ask clients to wear lipstick I get a quick wide eyes reaction. A few years ago EVERYONE was wearing statement lips, and at the current moment, lipstick wearing has reversed all of the way to zero lipstick territory. However, even a shade or two darker than your natural lips will add a healthy glow and camouflage dry skin. This Buxom Gel Lipstick in the color “Sultry Mauve” is my favorite because it’s a beautiful rosy pink and feels almost like chapstick.

  6. WEAR A HAT: Hats can be a great way to elevate an outfit, and also easy to remove to add another twist to the look. I recommend finishing with a hat so it doesn’t affect your hair for the rest of your photos. This brimmed hat from Amazon has been a fav!

  7. STYLE YOUR HAIR: I know most of us feel best with our hair down and curled, but if you look in magazines, celebrity runways or social ads, most of the models will have an actual style to their hair. I.E. A unique bun, half up, braids, etc. Consider wearing your hair down and curled so you can get the look you feel most comfortable in, but halfway through your shoot, put your hair half up or in a braid to add a new look.

  8. LAYER YOUR LOOKS: Adding layers gives dimension and interest- not to mention an easy way to change up a look quickly and get the most out of one outfit! Look for interesting items with crochet or lace or well fitted pieces like blazers.

  9. MAKE SURE YOUR CLOTHES FIT WELL: This is huge, but so simple. Clothes that are ill fitting will not do you justice. Shop around for something else that fits you better, or consider talking to a trusted tailor to alter your clothes.

  10. DON’T SKIP THE SKINCARE ROUTINE- FROM HEAD TO TOE: A few weeks before your shoot, make sure you are hydrating and taking care of your skin. Apply moisturizer’s, exfoliate, use some face masks you know work well for you (that do not extract toxins, as they could make you break out worse) and wash your face at night. While the editing process does enhance how you look, nothing beats naturally glowing and clear skin. On this note- please refrain from fake tanning, as it still looks orange and can be a nightmare during the editing process.

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-Andrea Brittingham

Owner, Photographer
Orting, Washington Photographer