{Ann & Abram} A Gig Harbor December Engagement Session| Jerisich Park, Gig Harbor, Washington

It seems so long ago that I did Ann's senior photos. And while it really wasn't, it makes it seem AGES ago when you're doing her ENGAGEMENT photos! This will probably be up there with one of my favorite sessions because... can you say "fog, the Sound, red velvet, movie theater popcorn and all of the laughter"!? All together now! Ann and Abram met while working at a movie theater in high school and I love that we got to have fun with this! While I'm not one for props, there's a time and place when props can be truly meaningful and not just Pinterest copies. 

Before Ann & Abram's shoot we quickly chatted about their location in further detail because I'm a firm believer in having photos done in places that mean something to you. While my style will still play a part in the choosing due to colors, lighting and the artistic side of things, I want my clients to look back at their photos and feel something. After bringing this up, Ann was quick to tell me of Jerisich Park in Gig Harbor where Abram not only proposed to Ann, but she hinted that they may or may not have snuck out of their houses late at night to meet here while in high school. Be still my heart. 

With Abram shipping out with the military on the weekend, we quickly set up their photos and crossed our fingers that the rain would hold since we weren't able to reschedule. Instead of downpours, we were greeted with the most beautiful soft fog, filling the skies with that overcast weather perfect for beautiful skin tones. Yes, yes, yes. These two laughed, nuzzled and fed each other popcorn and ended with slow dancing on the dock with an audience of seagulls. 

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Workshop, Freelance Photography| Tacoma, WA| Hosted by Danny Owens

There's a phrase taking the creative industry by storm and threatening old ways- "Community Over Competition". It's centered around the idea that although other creatives in your niche are competitors to a certain extent, they are also often in the same boat as you or have been before. It's a plead help each other out instead of kicking competition down. Community Over Competition is not to be mistaken for giving your competitors all of your little secrets, but it's an opportunity to contribute and be a part of your community. 

I have been following Danny Owens on Instagram for a while and briefly met him at a Made to Create event a couple of years ago. At the time, Danny seemed to be focusing more on product photography and I was intrigued by that side of photography. I think it's important to have those that you look up to their work, not to copy, but you can learn a lot by just watching. Have your own ideas, but inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone. 

When Danny shared that he was hosting a workshop I jumped in, both feet. I felt like the oldest (and most annoying) pupil, but I genuinely look up to the business that Danny has nurtured. I won't give all of the details because you'll have to take my word and take the workshop yourself! I commend Danny for genuinely wishing to warn others of mistakes he made early on and provide preliminary training for things that would have helped him when he started his journey.

Thank you to Satori Boutique for providing wardrobe, Styling by Danielle Davis, our beautiful model Erica Roth for rocking these photos and, naturally, Danny Owens for the enlightenment, hospitality and awesome shoot!  

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