Britt Model Team: Wanderlust Shoot, Orting, Washington High School Senior Photographer

Britt Model Team: Wanderlust, Orting, Washington High School Senior Photographer

The Pacific Northwest has a personality of it's own. It's spurned a trend of Instagram wanderlust photos chock-full of brown lace up boots, misty mountain tops and brimmed hats. And. Well. We just couldn't resist that. And still can't.  

When coming up with rep shoots, I knew I wanted to do something truly Pacific Northwest. I love living here, to see all of the natural beauty that's exploded online in the last few years. #northwestisbest It might be a bit kitchy and done, but I'm okay with that. This is what life is like here. And true to the Pacific Northwest, our shoot day was filled with record breaking rainfall. To be honest, it's probably one of the hardest shoots I've ever done. Conditions were terrible, darker for shooting, and I looked like I took a shower by the end (and practically had). But we definitely made out of it with some stories and laughs! 

We started our little road trip with a stop at Olympia Coffee Roasters out in Black Lake Olympia. This is probably my favorite coffee shop- it's delicious and the stand is so cute! Twinkling lights adorn the roof, driftwood accents are scattered about and garden beds create a cozy wildness. Our shots around the stand were so fun, and rewarded with warm drinks! A few of the girls even snuck to the donut shop across the street for a few selfies in front of their colorful wall. 

Winding toward the coast, we made it to our final shoot stop! The rain by this point had decided to ditch the spurratic droplets and went straight for constant downpour. Ugh, it was miserable, but we can laugh about it now! The girls were such good sports, taking silly selfies laughing through the dismal weather. Despite our less than ideal conditions we managed to get such #pnw photos of the girls! Thank you, thank you to my starlets for being so patient and willing to shine, even on one of the most wet and dreary days of the year! <3 

A few cell phone shots from the girls! 


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