{Kylie} The Most Perfect Golden Winter Shoot

I have known Kylie for about a few years now, as she was one of my first "high school reps" when I was just testing the waters with photography and rep programs. I've come quite a long way since then and was excited to have her back in front of my camera. She has such a unique and stunning look, and couldn't have been more perfect for this setting! Does she not look like The Mother of Dragons??? Obsessed. 

I think the temperature was in the 20's and we constantly lost feeling in our toes. I'm so glad I had a couple packs of hand warmers! I absolutely love snow/winter photos and they're becoming a favorite of mine, but between the temperature and the snow/ice it can be a difficult shoot. We took my husbands truck and I had a fun time skiing it a little on the road to the lake... shhh, don't tell. But we made it in one piece and , hey, look! It's not wrecked... evidence in the photos below. 

I could not love the color palette and feel of these photos more.

Thank you Kylie for joining me and braving the cold! 

I do still have openings for weekday winter photos through this month, it doesn't look like we'll have much more snow at this point, but you never know! If you'd love a shoot at this beautiful location, please contact me using my "About" page. 


{Autumn} Winter Lake Shoot

Autumn and I headed out for an afternoon of shooting, and despite all of the rain we get in Washington- we were not prepared for this biting cold. On a warm day, the breeze would have been welcomed and lovely. This day, however, it filled our clothes with ice and turned our skin pink. All of the hand-warmers in the world couldn't curb the chill. 

We set to getting as many shots as possible before moving on. Living in the PNW we are blessed with the miracle that is: coffee stands. Even on a remote area at the base of a mountain, a coffee truck parked nearby beckoned to us. After braving this first spot, we hit up the caffeinated truck for a couple of lattes and drove to the second location about 10 minutes down the road.

The shoot didn't last long, but I absolutely love the shots that we got. Autumn is a natural in front of the camera and is so good at moving- which adds to the ease that comes across in the photos. Don't let her fantastic modeling fool you. She was frozen and I didn't think I'd have use of my fingers again. I'm so grateful that Autumn was such an amazing sport about braving the cold for me. She has been a wonderful friend and I adore her shared desire to encourage women to feel confident, beautiful and loved. While she played model for me, Autumn is a stunningly talented boudoir photographer. 

Check out more of Autumn's work here and scroll for more of her beautiful face. 

Winter shoots are often forgotten, but the stunning even lighting from thick clouds or the crisp golden sun is captivating. Don't rule out a winter session, contact me to book your session today. 

-Andrea Brittingham