A Britt Beauty Collab with Lauren Heger of Revival Fitness| Puyallup, Washington

My journey as a photographer has brought forth the desire to showcase women that are making waves and doing their part to equally create positive changes in the world. I've always been interested in health and fitness and follow quite a few health & fitness Instas. Let's be real, I do not always work out. I go through spurts of being a badass b and killing it with the lunges and then like 80% of the time I'm telling myself "tomorrow you will get off your booty and be a workout queen and you will still look like Jennifer Aniston does at 45".... and hey, look! Chocolate. 

When I came across Lauren's Insta, I loved the messages she was sharing. She was showing off her postpartum tummy, her makeup free face and wearing all of the messy buns. And like... showing this to the INTERNET. It was hard not to be a little impressed and drawn in by this bravery. I reached out to Lauren because I believed that she had a message worth sharing with other women. We met up for an amazing shoot, with the most perfect lighting. My dog, Koda, made sure to jump in for a few photobombs. I have to be pretty honest with you guys, I try to alleviate awkwardness, but the beginning of a shoot, it's always there a little bit because it takes bravery and trust to let yourself relax in front of the camera. We worked past the awkwardness quickly, laughing it off, playing some music, and planning our karate moves for the creepy guy that lingered after happening upon us on our shoot (we totally could have taken him). And then I brought out the velvet skirt. What I love so much about working one on one with women is watching them change from feeling hesitant to 100% the Queen. It's SO important to do things for yourself to feel this way. We ended with some fun fitness shots of Lauren, doing what she does best! 

meet lauren herger.jpg

Q&A with Lauren

A: Lauren, you've come a long ways, tell us your story!
L: I started Healthy Life Happy Wife to be held accountable for my own weight-loss journey and have since lost 80lbs. Between two C Sections + gaining/losing all of that weight my body just doesn't look the same. It took a lot of hard work and keeping my nose in personal development to accept those changes for real, but once I did, I realized it was a way to spread inspiration, encouragement and light to other Postpartum Mommas and women who we're facing those changes, too. I encourage you to come check it out and follow my crazy, messy-bun, work-from-home mom life, Postpartum Fitness Inspo, or to grab my latest Recipe.

A: What did you wish someone told you as a young impressionistic woman before it was too late?:
L: You are beautiful despite what others say or think about you. Always stay true to who you are. Don't let other people's opinions or thoughts reflect how you see yourself and the world around you. Every single trial or hard time you have ahead of you will only break you if you let it, don't let it. 

A: What is one strength you posses that you're most proud of?: 
L: One of my biggest strengths is my ability to stay determined. If I want something bad enough I will work as hard as I can to to get it. These kinds of ventures usually mean a lot to me, and holding that vision close as a reminder helps keep me going! 

A: Who is your female idol and why? 
L: One of my favorite female idols is Lori Harder. She is a fitness professional but more importantly known for her shift from cover modeling to finding a healthy balance and inspiring women all over the world to embrace self-love and to follow their callings. She represents health and fitness in a way that I really relate too. One of my favorite quotes from her is..."You'll never grow into the woman you we're meant to be until she's forced to come out. It's your job to create a life she can't hide from".

A: We'd love to hear what you do!:
I am a Virtual Health Coach from the Seattle Area and am the Founder of Revival Fitness. When I'm not hanging with my husband or chasing my kids, I am passionately working to help my clients reach their goals! My Virtual Bootcamps paired with One on One Coaching and Support provides the tools to have a successful transformation and get them plugged into a community as well. I believe that Support is the biggest missing link to successful weight loss. My Bootcamps are filled with young women, Mom's and Wives just like you and me. We uplift, inspire, motivate and encourage each other daily.You'll find that I put an emphasis on health for the WHOLE self. We focus on Nutrition, Fitness, Self-Love, Body Image and Personal Development. Both Physical and Inner transformation goals are set and we work hard to identify how powerful mindset, self-love, consistency and celebrating small wins along the way can lead to success.

A: Lastly, where can we find you!?
L: Here are my handles! I encourage you to come check out my pages.
IG: @healthy.life.happy.wife

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One of my goals this year is to showcase my Britt Beauty Sessions a little more because they've been on the back burner. These sessions are designed for women to have an opportunity to have photos done JUST BECAUSE. Maybe you're a mom and you realize you never do anything for yourself anymore, like even blow drying your hair. Maybe you've lost a lot of weight and you feel so damn proud of yourself and are feeling like the world is your oyster and you want something to document how amazing you felt at this time in your life. These sessions are created just for women like you. Find out more on my Invest page or by Contacting me! 

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Pike Place Market| A Seattle Morning

In Seattle we live among the trees and the waterways, and we feel we are rocked gently in the cradle of life. Our winters are not cold and our summers are not hot and we congratulate ourselves for choosing such a spectacular place to rest our heads.
— Garth Stein

An array of smells linger in the air at Pike Place: primarily fish, buttery piroshky, rich espresso, the occasional trail of pot smoke (you know it's true), and the dewy floral fragrance of bucket after bucket of fresh flowers. Experiencing the place I live in is always important to me. My mom used to tell us stories of our grandma taking turns down random roads, just to see where they led. Despite my sister and I getting car sick, my mom would pull the same trick on us. When we were little, it only made the car rides longer. As I grew, I found myself doing the same. I had a thirst for seeing the world. I wanted to see how people lived, the sights that people flew halfway around the world for, and devour the food held in high regard. 

We always grew up occasionally venturing around Pike Place. We acquired odd things like a hanging stuffed pink dolphin that dangled in my sister and my room for years and snacked on palmier from Le Panier. The kitchen store was a favorite of hers, always looking for a specific cookie spatula (it was flat and free of holes, perfect for even scooping). We watched the fishmongers bellowing orders and tossing salmon and pointed at the ugly monkfish, jeering and squirming about it's nastiness. 

Pike Place is a part of who we are and the memories we savor. Memories I'm sure we share with so many other Washingtonian's. We love to be tourists in our own state in Washington. We share an affinity for idolizing the ocean, the mountains, the trees. It's easy to feel a bit of home in the market and to feel warm when you can see others experiencing the same. 

These are our roots. This is our Washington. This is our Seattle.  

What are your stories and favorite things about Pike Place? I'd love to hear! Comment below and feel free to share experiences, suggestions and funny stories!

Brittingham Photography specializes in natural High School Senior portraits, but also offers Britt Beauty Sessions (individual women's shoots), Lifestyle Newborn, couples and family photos. Thank you for stopping by to read my little blog!