{A Letter} To My Little Caleb Bear

Over a year ago, you were only a wish. Your mommy and I ate frozen yogurt with your big sister. Talking about baby toes, chubby cheeks and nursery decor. We shared in each other's confidence our desire that we would each be blessed with our own little bundles. We left the yogurt shop with sweet, cold bellies and visions of the future. 

Little did we know the struggle we would have to make the future a reality. Your mommy and I shared conversation after conversation, our desires, struggles and (more than) a few times- tears over the matter. Your mommy wanted you so bad. She daydreamed of your small curled fingers and soft coos. Of your big sister oohing and ahhing over her "little brower". 

And one day, you became real. I stirred to a chime from my phone from your mommy with a picture of a pregnancy test. It was positive. I cried for your mommy that day. There are things you go through with your close friends that will always connect you. I was so grateful that your mommy shared the news with me right away. Sad that I didn't have a friend for you in my womb, I was still elated that you were real and your mommy had you to look forward to. 

I've lived vicariously through your mommy and have been so excited to watch you grow in her belly along the way. I thought of your mommy constantly when I knew she went to the hospital. The idea of birthing a baby, I have to admit, terrifies me (and she tells me you were a bit of a stinker). Despite your bang of an entry into this world, your mommy loves you more than she can put into words.

I'm writing this to share with you how much you are loved and desired. How long your mommy waited for you, and how constantly positive she has been along the way. Make sure you sleep well, and eat your food when she asks you (yes, even the veggies). To kiss her when she points to her cheek. To share with your big sister. And to look out for your family when you're older. I constantly admire your mommy's strength and determination to raise amazing human beings, and I know you too will grow to be exceptional. 

And hopefully, someday, we will have a friend for you to grow up with. 

Cuddle Soon, 
Auntie Andrea