{Caira} Class of 2018 Key Team Model

Meet Caira! Our Class of 2018 Key Team Model from Fife High School! Caira brought us out to Carbonado for her model shoot and I always love hearing the oohs and awes when clients see this impressive scenery. This location is truly an experience all on it's own. At 250 feet above the river, you are still able to feel the mist rising. A bit eerie, but we suspect part of that feeling is the remnants of the Melmont Ghost Town below. Once a coal mining town, Melmont is now reduced to almost nothing after a forest fire destroyed the remaining buildings. If you're adventurous enough to slip down the side of the hill, you are able to see whats left of Melmont: a small building for storing explosives, a small bridge and the foundation of the schoolhouse. There's not much to see, but it's still a fun little trek. Especially if you run into a GHOST! Just kidding. I hope.   

While I'll now be checking all frames for ghosts, the beautiful lady you can clearly see is not a figment of your imagination. She actually exists and is quite the sweetheart! Caira made my job so easy and posed away while her mom snuck off to take selfies over the bridge. We had a little giggle but you can't not selfie on this bridge. Lucky for Caira, she had her own personal photographer so we captured some gorgeous shots! The weather was perfect for our shoot and I loved that we got a little bit of soft golden light at the very end. I'm so excited for Caira to be on the team, and watch how much she grows over the next year. 

Scroll through to check out Caira's beautiful session! 

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Hair By: Sam at Daniel Ross Salon Bonney Lake


{Paisley} Gig Harbor High School, Class of 2016

Sessions like Paisley's are exactly where my love of photography was born. I love that we have the opportunity to celebrate who we truly are and can capture it in such an organic way. Paisley is one cool cat and I admire that of her. Fairfax Bridge and the surrounding area is one of my favorite locations, although at times it seems jinxed with rain. We were lucky the day of Paisley's shoot, however, and the most perfect overcast weather greeted us, only for the sun to part with golden light at the end. 

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-Andrea Brittingham