{Key Team} Lady Lumberjack Group Shoot

Being a true lover of the Pacific Northwest, I've had this idea in mind for quite a while. Group shoots are an opportunity for my Key Team reps to get together and not only have some photos taken, but to laugh and create friendships. We've all heard of a "lumberjack". Perhaps you have a brawny one with muscles spilling out of his shirt pinned to your "Hotties" Pinterest board. With this lumberjack craze we have going on in the Pacific Northwest, what about the ladies? What about these PNW beauties that wear flannel on the daily and secretly love watching rain trickle down a window pane, or the smell of cedar on a damp day? Queue inspiration for a honest Pacific Northwest themed shoot, and enter a bit of glam to jazz it up.

I think the girls were all a bit hesitant when they heard the idea. However, seeing it all come together was worth it. In late morning, the girls (yes, all 11 of them) crammed into my humble little house and spent the next few hours helping each other with their makeup, curling hair and eating Cheetos. It truly looked like a teenage girl's closet exploded on my entire first floor. With the last flicks of a cat eye, we were packed up and off to our destination. Great beads of rain rolled off of our windshields and I swallowed my apprehensions with the uncooperative weather. Typically shoots with inclement weather are rescheduled if it's bad, however, when you have this many girls to get on one schedule, we go rain or shine and grin and bear it. This, was a definite grin and bear it day. We had everything from palpable fog, to drizzle, to downpour, to golf ball sized snowflakes. Each of the girls took turns running out from the picnic shelter to the shoot spots, swapping umbrellas and coats as they went.

It was a "pass the baton" lineup of umbrella's and photos, and these girls rocked it. I am so impressed at the teamwork shown to help each other out and the willingness for some of the girls that haven't been in front of my camera to listen and pose away. That might sound silly, but being on the other side of the camera is intimidating. They encouraged each other with kind words and roared with laughter that likely amplified across the lake. I can't wait for our next shoot, and I can't wait for you to scroll down to witness these entertaining, moody, and dismal yet, beautiful photos.        

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