{Dirty 30} Day Trip to Astoria & Cannon Beach

There's nothing like a little salty sea air and craft beer to ease the pains of the newly 30. Despite my attempts to poke fun and jeer at how ANCIENT he must feel, my husband took 30 like a champ. I'm pretty sure he's actually excited that he's in his 30's now- to my dismay . I'm the chick that cried at 25, eek'd at 26 and choked at 27. Who knows what 28 will bring. But for my husband, 30 isn't apparently that dirty. While I laugh and joke about our aging bodies (I know, we're still youngin's), I know that this time in our lives is one that we're both immensely looking forward to. It's owning our own home, having cars that aren't held together with garbage bungees and duct-tape, it's watching our friends start families and planning our own. But life is often more serious than it needs to be, and sometimes a little road trip is just what the doctor ordered. 

A few pit stops later, we pulled into an empty lot down in Downtown Cannon Beach. Slightly damp and cool, the air was fresh and felt amazing. With artisan coffee on the mind, we walked the almost mile to Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters. Only to see a sign posted on the door stating it's closure for the season, reopening the following weekend. Naturally. Forgoing the coffee we decided to walk the beach and surrounding area until lunch and then made our way back up to Pelican Brewery. The beer was delicious, and my salad was tasty, but I didn't quite love the fact that it was served on whole butter leaves. How the heck you're supposed to actually (realistically) eat it, is beyond me. After hacking away at the lettuce, I eventually gave up.

Beer'ed up, we took another stroll along the beach. Haze rolled in with the rising tide, and while I was a little sad that it wasn't low enough to go out to Haystack at the moment, it was still beautiful. Having grown up with family in Gray's Harbor, I've always enjoyed the feeling of the PNW coast. It may often be damp and rainy, but the lingering fog and crashing of the waves has always held a feeling of calm for me.

Cannon Beach was lovely, and we can't wait to come back down. Hopefully for a leisurely full weekend next time. Packing back up, we made the forty minute drive back to Astoria. Astoria is sleepy and a little desolate- a picture of more prosperous times in the town of a seaport. Historic homes stacked along the hills, brushed with moss and siding often a little worse for wear. Seals barking from their docks in the harbor. It is also home to a favorite coffee shop, Street 14 and our ultimate favorite brewery- Fort George. Street 14 has such an amazing vibe and features fantastic small dishes perfect for a lunch served with coffee. Or perhaps, a hot toddy.

Being Brad's birthday, however, Fort George was the highlight. Would you believe me if I told you this trip was entirely inspired by Brad getting Fort George for his birthday? It's true. We love the atmosphere, the beer, the pizza, the stellar fish and chips... I'm hungry again. The community aspect of Fort George is also commendable. Servers that talk to you like you're real live human beings, and HELLO... giving Brad a BIRTHDAY BEER. Thank you for that Fort George! And also for not embarrassing him with a tin hat and campy song. Next time I'll take photos inside, but we were truly enjoying our time together over great beer. Side rave: IPA lovers- amen to alllllll of the options Fort George gives you! Vortex is the tried and true (I love it) and Brad was digging the 3-Way IPA this time.  

With a growler buckled into the backseat of our car (precious cargo, baby) we wound the way back to Washington and to the comfort of our bed.

Happy Birthday to my hard working, handsome, loving husband.          

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