Brynn, Forest + Beach Senior Photos- Class of 2020 | Rogers High School, Puyallup, Washington

Hiii, here to introduce you to this smiley sweetheart today! Say hello to Brynn, Class of 2020 Britt Team rep, representing Rogers High School. Brynn has been so fun to work with because… well, she has so much fun! You can probably see that from her session, because it’s filled with sooo many carefree smiles!

During my sessions you can expect to hear fun music and to play around in front of the camera a lot. BUT I’m here to say- I get it. It’s not always easy to dance around in front of the camera, and often with onlookers. I frequently get people asking if I help them with posing on their shoot, and you bet your bottom dollar I do! I typically start my shoots out with easy head shots and sitting shots to warm up my subjects and work our way up to the frolicking. I also realize that not everyone is a “frolicker” and I’m so okay with that. Brittingham Photography is all about capturing everyone’s unique personalities. Years ago, I heard a quote that always stayed with me: “If you’re cupcakes, be cupcakes. If you’re warm cookies, be warm cookies.” Not everyone is bursting with energy, just like so many people also aren’t nailing the smolder. We’ll try it all, because you might surprise yourself and get a laughing photo you adore, or a smize that you never thought you’d see! But- the great thing about digital photography is that if it does’t work, we can just delete it and pretend it never happened! The important thing is the end up with photos that represent who you are in the best light!

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-Andrea Brittingham

Owner, Photographer
Orting, Washington Photographer