Madi, Mount Rainier Senior Photos- Class of 2020 | Puyallup High School

When I was a little girl, I recall a trip to the mountain with my grandparents. Wonderful people that came from hardworking Scandinavian immigrants. My grandpa, the son of Norwegian immigrants, and my grandma, a daughter of Swedish and Finish immigrants. I can almost imagine how Washington would have provided a sense of home to these people. With the comforting beauty of Mount Rainier, the song of the rivers running along the smooth stones in their beds and fields bobbing with our local wildflowers.

On our trip to the mountain, we stopped in Elbe for a break and, I believe, a soda (I’ve always been prone to car sickness). For a short time, my grandpa spent his infancy in Elbe, as his father would have been a logger. He pointed to a hillside, where their house was. I wish, being older now, that I knew the house. As I drive by Elbe to get to the mountain, each time I recall this snippet of my past, and a past that dominoes for generations. Rainier has a sense of home and a sacredness that can be felt rooting from your bones. Each time I have a session at Rainier, I allow myself extra time to take it all in. To wander, without any phone service, and smell. Listen. Feel. To be present, and still.

Working with Madi, up in this place that gives me so much feeling, was simply wonderful. She’s a sweet soul, who is confident and connected. She is genuine, clever, charmingly soft spoken and blew me away by her comfort and creativity in front of the camera. A girl who can take a fallen pine branch, and bring it to life in her photos. I’m here for wonderful people like this. Thank you Madi for working with me, and being your amazing self. <3

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-Andrea Brittingham

Owner, Photographer
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