Hannah- Class of 2019, Puyallup Senior Portraits + WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU'RE NERVOUS FOR YOUR SENIOR PHOTOS

At the beginning of the year I ran a little giveaway on my Instagram and Hannah was our lucky winner! When you give away full sessions, you really never know what you’re going to get and the hope that it’s someone amazing is always lingering. When I met Hannah at our location, her spunky personality did not disappoint. Initially, I froze in my tracks when she screamed “I have no pants!” across the roadway. Wait… what?! Should I leave… do we need to get this girl some pants.. this was a new one. Thankfully, she immediately cleared the air that she was wearing a dress and there was snow on the ground, therefore, no actual pants and it was cold, so we’re all good.

Cold legs aside, Hannah was a dream to have in front of the camera. To get real magic for your senior photos, as a photographer, I’m going to of course direct you and do my best to ease your nerves. However, clients that trust me, and trust THEMSELVES by relaxing, playing around, laughing and enjoying themselves will naturally turn out with better photos.

combatting nerves before your photo session.jpg
  • Have a little trade-off camera phone photo shoot with your friend. That way you can both practice, and find angles that you know you like of yourself and can show your photographer.

  • Get to your shoot early, walk around, take some deep breaths and enjoy some scenery ahead of time. Allow yourself to relax in nature.

  • Bring lavender essential oil, rub it on the soft spot behind your ears.

  • Prepare everything for your shoot the night before, lay it all out, iron, do all of the prep so nothing is left last minute. No one enjoys running around like a chicken with their head cut off.

  • Don’t let yourself get carsick. Take the ginger or Bonine or whatever works for you. A lot of locations in Washington are down windy roads and arriving to your shoot feeling sick is the worst.

  • Eat a healthy, non-greasy meal with water beforehand. Bloat caused by greasy food will make you feel uncomfortable, and your skin will be oily throughout the shoot. Soda will also cause bloat and discomfort, so forgoing it and drinking water will leave you refreshed and hydrated.

  • Always try out your hairstyle and makeup before your shoot. Even if you’ve done it before, do it together all at once before your shoot so you can see how it will really look.

  • Know that although you have ideas of how you want your shoot to go, weather, sun, clouds, wind, random onlookers and wardrobe malfunctions do happen. Give yourself some grace, we’ll work together to combat them and have an amazing time! There are some things that we can’t always control, try as we might, and the best we can do is to roll with the punches with a positive mindset.

Thank you so much to Hannah for being such a dream to work with! I loved, loved, loved your personality, style and sunny disposition! Brittingham Photography is located in Orting, Washington and specializes in natural High School Senior portraits. Thank you for stopping by to read my little blog!

-Andrea Brittingham

Owner, Photographer
Orting, Washington Photographer