Class of 2019 Brittingham Photography Model Rep Program Live!- What is Brittingham Photography all about!? | Orting, Washington Natural Light Photographer

Update 2/11/2018: Class of 2019 Model Team applications are closed for the year! Check back for class of 2020 applications next year!

The Brittingham Photography Model Rep Program Applications are live, but you want to know more about Brittingham Photography, what we stand for and our vision for the model team! 


What does Brittingham Photography Stand For?: 

We live for the girl that wants more in life. We're here to lift up young women, to highlight their strengths, conquer their weaknesses and encourage them to develop into strong, charismatic individuals. While we love beauty products and getting dolled up, life is more than just being a pretty face. We want to work with girls with hearts bigger than words can describe, a passion for life and a willingness to learn and bloom. 

We believe in being very transparent with our program, so you won't find any email lists to find out more!  Scroll down to have more of your questions answered.

Who is Brittingham Photography?

If you're looking for more about Andrea, you can find a full page here! But the real answer is that Brittingham Photography is made up by all of the amazing clients, businesses and people that we have the opportunity to work with! 

What is being a Model Rep really for? 

If you're looking to become a rep just to get cheap senior photos taken, then I really want to suggest that this isn't for you. Being a Model Rep is a lot more than just a discount. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in exciting, themed photo shoots with girls from other schools, to build sisterhood and friendships with like minded girls, to push yourself out of your comfort zone and own who you are as a person, to have a platform to help others grow and grow yourself, and yes- to earn your senior photos and offer discounts to your friends! 

How do I earn my Senior Photos? 

Your senior photos are earned after one of your high school friends books and fulfills their senior portrait session. This also comes with 10 digital images and an opportunity to purchase more. However, if you get two referrals you'll earn the rest of your images and on your third referral you'll earn an additional mini photo session in the spring of your graduating year! 

So what do I actually have to do to be a Model Rep?

Being a rep does entail a little bit more than just showing up to the group shoots and having your photos taken. The point of a rep program is to be a win win situation for a rep and the photographer. The rep program is a marketing tool for the photographer to gain more business and an opportunity for the high schooler to benefit from participating in fun photo shoots that wouldn't be offered otherwise. You need to actually commit to the program fully, including showing up to all of the group shoots, posting your group shoot photos on social media to help get your referrals, talking up Brittingham Photography and being socially active within the group of reps to build a strong team, and lift up others. Being a rep is not to about helping you make friends, but we do want to foster a positive and uplifting rep team. 

I saw this on the Rep Application page, but what do I get for being a Model Rep again?

The Rep Program Includes....

• 4 Themed Group Shoots + 1 Orting, WA Local Intro Head Shot Group Mini Shoot
• A Class of 2019 Rep T-Shirt and Small Gift
• Referral Based for Rewards
        -1 RF= Personal Shoot + 10 Digital Images
        -2 RF= Rest of Edited Photos from Personal Shoot
        -3 RF= Spring Growth Mini Shoot in April/May
• Offered Edited Images from the Group Shoots in an Online Gallery
• 20% Off of Prints Ordered Through the Online Gallery
• A highly discounted Senior Portrait Session in the event that referrals are not met
• A once in a life opportunity to participate in fun shoots & build friendships along the way! 

What is in the fine print of being a Model Rep? 

As mentioned earlier, a rep program has to be a win win for the rep and the model. These are some of the things that we feel are a not win situation for the photographer, and will not be allowed. We hope that you understand that being a "rep" stands for "representative", therefore, you are representing Brittingham Photography. 

  • We do not allow our reps to post illegal activities, overly sexual content and do not tolerate bullying.
  • Reps may not shoot with another photographer until their graduation date. There are some exceptions to this, such as school sports photos, but you may need to ask before doing photos with another photographer. The reason for this rule is that doing photos with someone else really defeats the purpose of being a rep. 
  • The rep program is held in the same way that team try outs are held. Therefore, if you are selected, you are a part of the team and cannot simply quit because your schedule does not allow for the 4 group shoots or you got sick and can't see the value of the program. You must commit to being a rep, are provided with the group shoot dates ahead of time, and while we understand getting sick happens, a refund will not be offered for not being able to attend a shoot. 

Does being a Model Rep cost money? 

Being a rep costs $250 + Wa State Sales Tax. This simply helps alleviate the cost and a fraction of the time put into the program by Brittingham Photography. Due to the nature of the program and service, the rep program is non-refundable. 

What's the process of becoming a Model Rep? 

If you've read through this and think being a rep is the bees knees, then I encourage you to apply! Head over to the Rep Page to fill out the application. We will then go through the applications and contact those that we feel align with our vision and company beliefs for a one on one meeting at a coffee shop with their parent/guardian. 

Rep positions for Class of 2019 are extremely limited. We've found through years of hosting the program that smaller teams allow for closer bonding and more fulfilling and organized group shoots. 

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Update 2/11/2018: Class of 2019 Model Team applications are closed for the year! Check back for class of 2020 applications next year!

Brittingham Photography is located in Orting, Washington and specializes in natural High School Senior portraits. We also offer Britt Beauty Sessions (individual women's shoots), Lifestyle Newborn, Couples Sessions and Intimate Family Photos. Thank you for stopping by to read my little blog!

-Andrea Brittingham

Owner, Photographer
Orting, Washington Photographer