Shaniah- Class of 2018, Steilacoom High School

Despite another balmy night, this session is allllllll of the heart eyes! It was so fun getting to shoot with Shaniah again and capture some gorgeous solo shots. I've enjoyed getting to work with Shaniah since January in my Britt Key Team program. I actually did photos of her sister when I was first dabbling in photography, so it's fun to see where I've come since then. I absolutely loved Shaniah's gorgeous waves, that almost have a nod to 1940's movie starlets. Shaniah also had her makeup professionally done, which photographed beautifully. I'm a huge proponent to going to a professional, as they know how to really make features pop for the camera. When she changed into her white dress, all eyes were on her. Flowy pieces like this are so much fun to photograph and create the most beautiful movement. 

Scroll through Shaniah's gorgeous shoot and just TRY not to swirl at the end. 

Thank you for stopping by to read my little blog! All sessions are currently filled and I have people like you to thank for that! 

-Andrea Brittingham