Bryn- Class of 2018, Puyallup High School

I've been digging my Olympia sessions lately and I was so excited that Bryn chose this spot! Olympia is such a sweet little town, filled with hidden treasures and often overlooked. We were blessed with the most beautiful late summer sun, granting us a golden hour longer than normal. While out on the landing, we came across the Lady Washington & Hawaiian Chieftain, our Washington State Tall Ships. Having grown up around the Lady Washington, I was thrilled to see them. My grandpa volunteered at the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport, and the ships have always been a part of my sister and my lives growing up. Fun Fact: The Lady Washington is often rented out for films and is the ship you know as the "Interceptor" in Pirates of The Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Yes! Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom TOUCHED it! Fan girling aside, they're beautiful ships and a must see at some point of your life if you're a Washingtonian. 

After wandering downtown, we headed to the beach to finish out Bryn's session. When she said she liked water, she wasn't joking. Bryn lit up upon touching her bare feet to the sand. An evening this magical is hard not to soak up the warm sun and let the waves lap at your ankles. Live vicariously through Bryn and imagine yourself basking in the rays and smelling the briney air as you scroll through her gorgeous senior session! 

Thank you for stopping by to read my little blog! All sessions are currently filled and I have people like you to thank for that! 

-Andrea Brittingham