Kelsey- Class of 2018, Emerald Ridge High School

As a creative, capturing other creatives is a treat. Since becoming a photographer, working with a ballerina has been top of my bucket list. When Kelsey asked for photos dancing, I leapt (pun intended) at the opportunity. I couldn't be more satisfied for this to happen at a time that I've really felt my skills as a photographer grow so much in the last year. These are photos that as an artist, I'm proud of. I feel that not only does Kelsey look stunning, but this true PNW color palette and depiction of emotion, grace and serenity are a wonderful representation of my style and what I love.

Kelsey danced away for most of her shoot, and then we hit the rest of Pikes to bring some fun variety. We were welcomed by Ghost Alley Espresso to capture a few truly Seattle shots (maybe also some more puns) and enjoyed sipping on our prop coffee. Though it looks brisk, our shoot was surprisingly muggy and the damp air almost palpable. Thank you Kelsey for sharing your art, and putting up with the on-off shoe game to brave the cobbled roads. 

Thank you for stopping by to read my little blog! All sessions are currently filled and I have people like you to thank for that! 

-Andrea Brittingham