Taylor- Class of 2018, Cascade Christian High School

Taylor's shoot was filled with Christina Aguilera, Brittney Spears, Backstreet Boys... you know, the "oldies". I died laughing and maybe choked a little when she asked to play "oldies music". Naturally, I was thinking like 1960's/70's oldie. Nooooope, she referred to the 90's era music as oldies. A late 80's baby myself, I grew up on this so called "oldies" stuff. Working with teenagers keeps me young in some ways and in others.. well, I swear I can feel the grey hairs on my head growing by the minute. 

Jokes aside, Taylor is a sweetheart and is so natural in front of the camera. I especially adore the phenominal pink, purple and blue hues in the sky at the end of her shoot. Truly a sparkling cotton candy sunset, the atmosphere that night on the Tacoma pier was a treat. 

Scroll through to check out Taylor's Downtown Tacoma senior shoot! 

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-Andrea Brittingham