Wildflower River Shoot with the Britt Key Team, Orting, Washington Senior Photographer

With wildfires burning relentlessly in Canada, smoke has meandered it's way down to Washington State. The haze is thick as wool some days and while I could say that we're used to grey- this is different. Some of us have suffered headaches, allergies, missing voices and I can't imagine how those in Canada are doing. With Canada still blazing and evacuations being expanded, our thoughts are with our Canadian neighbors.

Our shoot down at the river was not for the faint of heart. It had originally been scheduled to be at Rainier and halfway up we decided we needed to come back down the hill as the smoke grew thicker and thicker the closer we reached the mountains. The river was blissfully cool on a day with stifling humidity. We tripped along the river rocks, bushwacked... seriously, we REALLY bushwacked, and laughed as we bushwacked some more. 

The bushwacking was worth it because we really came back with some gems! Thank you to my girls for having amazing attitudes and laughing off the ants and brambles. 

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-Andrea Brittingham